Lesson in Humility

A long college semester is finally coming to an end. To prepare for the upcoming exams, Laura has invited her friends over for one last study session. But late that night, somewhere between memorizing definitions and writing out theorems, someone knocks unexpectedly at Laura’s door. In front of it waits Isabelle - a fellow student.

Isabelle has always been arrogant, but pride comes before the fall, and now Isabelle needs Laura's help just to be admitted to the exams. At first, Laura wants to get rid her. Isabelle on the other site is willing to do anything, and the five friends each have a very specific punishment in mind. And as for Laura - Isabelle has to pay a very different kind of tuition to get her help.

Left with no other option, Isabelle agrees and falls headfirst into a night that she will not soon forget.

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